Disability Services

Disability Services

We are dedicated to providing support and resources to individuals with disabilities to ensure they have equal access and opportunities. Our services encompass a range of accommodations, including assistive technology, daily and domestic assistance, transport and respite, advocacy, and community engagement. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where our services are tailored to our clients individual needs. We specialise in clients with complex mental or physical needs.

Participation in Community Activities, Daily Personal Activities, Assistance with Household Tasks, Transport, SIL, ILO, Assistance with Daily Living, Respite/Short Term Accommodation

Our team is dedicated to supporting our clients in actively participating in their communities by providing personalized assistance, resources, and guidance tailored to their needs and interests, ensuring they can fully engage and contribute to the community’s growth and enrichment.

  • Locate or attend interest groups
  • Find activities that you can join or do for free
  • Get out in the community: whether that’s visits to parks, events, beaches, pools, or other free activities.

Our team is committed to assisting with your daily personal activities, offering support and guidance tailored to your individual needs and preferences, whether it’s meal preparation, personal care, or household tasks.

  • Complete a range of everyday activities, in the comfort of your home.
  • Perform personal activities, such as showering, bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, getting in/out of bed, eating, and moving around.

Our team provides invaluable assistance with household tasks, ensuring our clients’ homes remain comfortable and well-maintained. We offer reliable support tailored to individual needs allowing our clients to focus on what matters most to them.

  • Live comfortably in your home
  • Perform household tasks, such as cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, house maintenance (such as spring cleaning or window cleaning), dishwashing and de-cluttering

Our team offers reliable transportation assistance, ensuring our clients can access essential services, appointments, and social activities with ease and confidence.

  • Get to/from school or work.
  • Travel to/from appointments or community based activities.
  • Access local shops, facilities or activities.
  • Collect shopping/groceries etc.

Our team is dedicated to facilitating supported independent living for our clients, empowering them to lead fulfilling and autonomous lives

  • Locating and establishing suitable properties.
  • Client-matching where dual tenancy is required.
  • Providing SIL supports for a range of clients, including clients with complex behaviours, forensic orders or high intensity supports.

Our team offers a range of independent living options tailored to individual preferences and needs. From fully autonomous living arrangements to supported independent living communities, we provide personalized solutions that prioritize choice, comfort, and safety.

  • Allow you to choose how and where you live.
  • Support your freedom to choose who you live with and how informal supports are established.
  • Help you locate and set up a property of your choice, as well as supports

We can assist in the planning and supports required for Respite and STA

  • Planning a short stay or break for carers/family.
  • Taking a holiday or vacation.
  • Supports whilst you are having respite or a break, including personal care, meal preparation, medication management and more.